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Aliye Cullu (Aleeyah Chooloo) is a painter and graphic designer. She grew up in a family of artists which goes back several generations: mother, grandmother, and great grandfather. All were talented painters. Aliye's artistic growth in this rich family environment began in Manhasset, New York, and has flourished in North Central Florida.

Aliye has painted most of her life. She remembers when she was a child receiving instruction from her grandmother, who told her to add orange to the yellow sun so it could be seen better on the white paper. The fragrance of linseed oil and turpentine brings back memories of her grandmother and mother painting with oils. She worked primarily with watercolors and pen-and-ink, and began painting with oils in 2004. She also worked as a calligrapher, illustrator, and painter/surface decorator in a pottery studio. She has worked as a desktop publisher and graphic designer in printing and publishing since the 90s. To view a portfolio of her graphic design projects, CLICK HERE.

Aliye graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Studies from University of Florida (UF) in April 2005. She has painted in several paint outs in Northeast and North Central Florida, has painted in the mountains of North Carolina and New Hampshire, and on the island of Maui. She enjoys the process of life and art.

To paint - to travel -
to combine the two -
is to celebrate life!
Jack K. Bouwer


Aliye painting Emerald View II
Aliye painting on Beech Mountain
Photographer Unknown

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